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Business Phone Systems - Automated Attendant


There are many types of Business Phone systems. There are those specifically designed to fit businesses with a hand-full of employees, as well as corporations requiring several hundred extensions. Each of these systems can be designated to specifically fit the requirements of the business as to the various features included in the system. With the constant advances in telecommunication technology, systems are being updated regularly along with innovative calling features. In most cases, features can be added without changing to a different system.


One of the basic types of Panasonic PBX UAE systems is commonly referred to as an "Automated attendant", or "Virtual receptionist" system. If you have any degree of experience calling businesses, you are very familiar with this type of phone system. Once the call is received, the caller is given a menu with options as to the department or individual within the company. Many systems contain a sub-menu once a department is chosen.. There are automated systems providing a recording which simply asks the caller to enter a specific extension number. Once entered, the call is automatically routed to the correct individual. In most cases, one of the options available is transfer to an operator or receptionist.


There are some Virtual receptionist Business Phone systems which integrate a type of voice recognition software that enables the caller to speak his menu selection, as well as inputting it through the phone keypad. In many cases, the caller can be transferred to a live operator, attendant or customer service agent by a simple voice command. These types of systems are preferred by callers who get frustrated when needing to resolve specific issues. In these cases, the individual, or department, needed is not clear and actual human intervention is needed. Automated systems, containing this type of software, is usually not found in extremely small businesses. In general, they are used by medium to large businesses with large Customer service and Order processing departments. Read https://www.reference.com/business-finance/telephone-communication-ed51a034091c3a7f to gain more info about telephone system.


Some types of hosted Business Phone systems provide a feature called "Call Whisper" or "Call Screening". With this particular feature, a caller is transferred to the extension of his, or her choice. While hearing the ringing of the extension, the individual called has the ability to take the call or have it sent to voicemail. This feature allows the caller to be serviced by leaving their information on voicemail, as well as permitting the department employee to complete current updating and return the call at a later time. Learn about Telephone System repair here!